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Friday, January 16, 2009

Here is my current reading list... reading... ah, the simple pleasure that I have neglected for much too long! Thanks to my new friend for starting me back up again. ;)

Read #1: French Women Don't Get Fat by: Mireille Guiliano... not your average diet book, because it isn't about a diet! Just some really smart ideas and tips for eating that I plan to follow.

Read #2: The Hidden Art of Homemaking by: Edith Schaeffer... I have read and re-read this book (some chapters more than others :) She has such a way of getting you excited for doing the basics such as cooking, decorating, etc....

Read #3: Saint by: Ted Dekker... this is the second book in the Paradise Series. I just finished Showdown and absolutely loved it, although I will admit it's probably not a book everyone will enjoy, as it was a little nasty and graffic in spots. I loved the creativity put forth by Dekker, it was simply amazing and a very intense read!


Jenn Calling Home said...

Glad you stopped by. I realized a picture wasn't working, so I fixed it. How funny that you would visit on a day when I'm doing a "baking experiment." I think they are very similar to english muffins, maybe just a little denser. Have you tried making them before? Maybe you can tell me what I did wrong.

Elisabel said...

I am currently reading "Before you do" by TD Jakes. I am enjoying it. I am not getting married soon, but it teaches you alot about people. I recommend! blessings! ciao!

Mrs. MK said...

Fun stuff!!! Dekker is definately impossible to put down, once you start!!

And I want to read the book about French women. I need some of *that*!!


Annie said...

I will have to come over some day for coffee!!! oh.. and i love the French book!! It is awesome especially since they eat a lot of chocolate and pasties! :)