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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I've been working on a post for weeks, in spare minutes here and there. But I decided today, that the post didn't matter. All that matters is this: God is in complete control at all times, in all circumstances (which was basically what I had been writing about anyway, but for different circumstances).
Yesterday was a new experience for me. I was utterly helpless, and so frightened. I learned how much I love Tyler. I would call him my boyfriend, but that term seems flippant in this day and age. He is far more to me than just 'my boyfriend'.

So this is what happened. I was talking with Tyler on the phone as he drove to work (our morning ritual) when suddenly there was a loud noise and buttons on his phone started beeping. Then the call was ended. I assumed he had been in a wreck. After calling and texting several times with no reply, I began to get very worried.

Silence lasted for over an hour.

Phone calls to his dad and mine. Of course, being a girl meant I thinking the worst. What had happened to him?!

Finally, I got the word ,through the dads, that he had been in a car accident, but he was fine. Finally I could breath.

I prayed and prayed during that hour. I had to tell myself that God knew. God knew every detail of what was going on, even when I didn't, even before it happened.

I prayed and thanked God for His goodness. He was good, He is good, and always will be good.

I didn't feel really calm 'till I had spent some time with Tyler. Just holding his hand, listening to his voice. Thanking God for his laugh, his contagious joy.

We are commanded not to hold on to earthly things too tightly, but we can enjoy them while they are here, all the while, praising God for every moment with those we love.