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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To many emotions cloud over me. It makes it hard to think, so instead I pray.

It's okay to ask for what you want, right?

God has been speaking to me daily through my study through Matthew. 
 The verses seem to jump off the page. My Savior speaks to me: "My child, I am bigger than your self proclaimed  mountain's. I am able and willing to bless you, but you must believe... you must have faith. In fact those aren't mountains at all, merely little bumps on the in path. I have your life in my hand, trust me. Follow me.

Matthew 6:33
Matthew 7:24-25
Matthew 8:24-26
Matthew 11:28-30

Then we have the story of the five loaves and the two fish. Matthew14:13-21.

On a lighter, more random note...
 Number one: crying gives you a headache like no other. Any agreement on this?
Number two: I really want a home of my own. To clean, to cook, to decorate. To be together.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Update:[Recipe!] Turtle Coffee Ice Cream [Cup] Cakes

Turns out... Ice Cream Cake is much better in cupcake form.

Easier to cut, easier to eat, and easier to control portion sizes. 

Plus, they are 

You asked for it, so here ya go:
What you will need:

1 quart of your favorite vanilla ice cream
1 quart of your favorite coffee ice cream
1 recipe chocolate ganache
1 recipe chocolate crunch
Hersheys Caramel Sundae Topping
Chopped Pecans
foil cupcake liners
2 muffin tins
9X13 baking dish

Chocolate Ganache
1/2 cup plus 1 tablespoon whipping cream
1/4 cup butter
12 oz. semisweet chocolate, chopped
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

-- Place semi-sweet chocolate in a medium bow. Bring whipping cream and butter just to a simmer in the microwave. Pour cream/butter mixture over chocolate. Let sit for 1 minute. Whisk until smooth. Whisk in vanilla. Set aside at room temperature for about 1 hour.

Chocolate Crunch
6 oz. semi-sweet chocolate, chopped
1 1/2 tablespoons vegetable oil
1  9oz. pkg chocolate wafer cookies, crushed (or just use oreos with the frosting removed)

-- Line a 9X13 baking dish with foil. Spray with nonstick spray. Melt chocolate and oil in a double boiler or in the microwave. Stir till smooth. Mix with crushed cookies. Spread in pan and freeze until firm for about 10 minutes. Chop into pea size crumbs. Set aside

-- Line muffin tins with foil liners. Divide half of chocolate crunch and sprinkle in the liners. Spread vanilla ice cream in liners. Spoon in caramel sauce. Sprinkle pecans over the caramel. Spread coffee ice cream on top. You may need to heap it up a little bit so it comes above the edges of the muffin tin. Spread chocolate ganache over top and finish with sprinkling more pecans and remaining chocolate crunch decoratively as the very last layer.