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Friday, February 1, 2008

Cheese Balls and other savories!

Did I tell you about the open house I was catering? I can't remember so I'll tell you again. I had to come up with savory things for this open house, and savory things are not necessarily my cup of tea. BUT, it was very successful. The menu was:

~ Cheese Balls, Goat Cheese w/ Scallions and Cheddar w/ Craisins and Pecans

~ Cheese Tray, Hickory Smoked Gouda, Parmesan, Extra Sharp Cheddar

~Tea Sandwiches, rosemary-cranberry-pecan chicken and tuna

~Vegetables with cream cheese-ranch Dip

~ Mini Vanilla Fruit Tartlets ( yes, I managed to slip in something sweet, and I think they were the favorite)

I didn't have time to take pictures of anything because I was so rushed for time, but, I did have some people contact me after the open house that wanted me to make them cheese balls, so this time I got a picture before they left the house!

~Cheese Balls: Goat Cheese with Scallions & Cheddar with Craisins and Pecans~

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