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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks... pies!

LOOK at this stack of pie crust dough awaiting its fate...
3 Pumpkin and 2 Apple pies ( and don't forget the whipped cream)!

If I had a vote I would say forget the turkey and mashed potatoes -- let's just eat pie! Actually, I kinda dislike making pumpkin pies because they are really hard to make look very pretty-- the crust always slips or gets burnt or SOMETHING before the custard is actually set up. Oh well, they still tast pretty good and I shouldn't worry much since it disapears so quickly. Note to self: Make a pecan pie ( or 2 ) next Thanksgiving.

On a different note besides pie:

~ things I am thankful for this year~

1) God and His wonderful Word, The BIBLE. It always seems fresh and new with something powerful to say to me everytime I open it!

2) Family... That flag football game was sure fun today

3) 3 darling blue-eyed little nephews

4) A warm bed to crawl into every night

5) A daddy that takes me to races, even on Thanksgiving morning! ( yep, I ran in a 5 K race this morning - it was quite nippy!)

6) AND many more blessings, more than I can count... God is so good... there is no excuse for a lack of joy in my life, that is for sure!