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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Thanks to Mrs. Mk, I finally found a good Christian review of the Twilight book series ( By: Stephanie Myers). If you haven't heard of the books or the movie you, either :

a) are over 30
b) don't have any teenage daughters
c) live under a rock

*Laughing* The Twilight books and a certain character in them, named "Edward", seem to be sweeping all young women completely off their feet. :P

I encourage you to read this review... I'm not saying that you 'shouldn't' read the books, just sayin' that maybe a little research should be involved before you do so. Don't be taken in by the popularity ( like I almost did!) without a little discernment!



Mrs. MK said...

be nice now....I am very nearly over 30 (!!!) and have no teenage daughters, and prefer to live under a rock, thank you very much!!

just jokin'! Glad you found this helpful!

Elisabel said...

One of the girls in my church is obsessed with those books! I think it's trying to make darkness alluring. I'm glad my lil sisters aren't into this weird stuff.