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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Just like a kid on Christmas and the BeAuTY of storms.

Aren't we all just like a kid and Christmas? Doesn't everyone remember that Christmas night, after all the excitement, and gifts, and glorious food, thinking why can't Christmas be everyday? I'm pretty sure we all have had those thoughts at least once in our childhood. As you get older you realize why that can't be possible. Christmas would no longer be fun if it was everyday... there wouldn't be anymore squeals of delight because it would be the same ol'.

But aren't will still wanting 'Christmas' everyday? Okay, maybe not literally Christmas, but how about blessings in general? Don't we just stomp our little feet and feel cheated when things don't go exactly the way we think they should go? Don't we all want everyday, every season of life to be full of happiness the way we think of happiness?... money in abundance, being loved by that special someone, health, a fun and enjoyable job... the list could go on. We think that's what we want. We think that these times in our lives, where nothing seems to be going the way we had planned, we think it stinks. Or that God somehow forgot about us.

Let's think on this just a moment. If everyday and every season of our lives included those "happy" times, those times of blessing where everything went just as we planned, would we still consider them blessings? Or would they just slip into mundane nothingness? Into the everyday just like those dishes.

Storms are a part of life. I am declaring right now that storms must happen in order for us to see the beauty of the sunshine!
Right here, right now in the midst of the storm I am saying thank you, Father! Thank you for this storm. I don't know why this storm is happening but I am trusting you for the outcome... because I know that with YOU, Father God, it will be more WoNDerOus than I could ever expect!

God is NOT too busy and he does NOT forget us. He knows exactly what he is doing! So I am challenging YOU, thank God for the storm.


Katie said...

thanks so much... beautiful

Miss G said...

Thanks, Katie... LOL I just wish I could write better. I can't seem to get my thoughts into physical form! :) But I try my best and hopefully my point is heard!

Mrs. MK said...

Oh, you made your point alright!

Your writing is not bad....it will just keep getting better the more you try....the more you keep looking for the right phrase, the right word to communicate the precise feeling.....

I am speechless by the lessons you are learning. Growing. Sharing. Thanks for pushing yourself....