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Friday, October 31, 2008

Wee Little Babies!

Look at these sweet little ones!!!! That's what I'm thankful for... these healthy tiny blessings. Which is why I haven't posted in a few days and exactly why I am posting at this hour. Trust me, I am usually asleep right now! But this is my chance to take care of them and let their Mommy and Daddy get a little extra rest from all the busy-ness! And, yes, I love them each to pieces... just like all my other nephews! I'm thinking being an Auntie is exactly where God has me right now... :D and I like it!

Thank you LORD for such sweet little packages of joy!


Annie said...

That is such a precious picture! You have a good eye for amazing pictures. That picture is defiantly one for the scrapbook.

Mrs. MK said...

Good job on the photo!

I'm thankful for such a good auntie for these kiddos!

gracy said...

they are sooo darling! luck you. ;) hope you feel better soon!