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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Work... Jobs.. Paychecks

Work... jobs... *laughing*; yupp, I'm laughing and yupp, I'm thankful for work! The Lord has provided me with work (that pays) so that I can get to the places I so love to go and do the things I so love to do( like helping out with my brother and sister - in-law's triplets or coaching or hanging with friends). I am thankful for the variety and sense of humor God has used in picking those jobs for me, but I love the fact that almost everyday is different! My desire is that I will always have an outlet to be serving someone in someway...

1 comment:

gracy said...

Hey, girlie~

Yupp... God always gives us things we don't expect! Isn't He awesome? :)

Luv ya! Hope you're doing well (& glad to see you're posting again!)