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Friday, November 21, 2008

Whhadya think? Possible insanity?

-9 hours of sleep since Tuesday Night
-18 hours of work
-4 hours of exercise
- Countless cups of coffee
-An extreme amount of vitamin C

-Getting my niece and 2 nephews all to myself?
TOTALLY worth it!


Mrs. MK said...

go take a nap already! Oh, yeah, I forgot....always more to do!


Miss G said...

I know. I just need to break down and take a nap, but it's just one of those things that I have a VERY hard time doing. If it's not working out, then dinner has got to be made. If not dinner, the bathroom is a disaster. If not the bathroom, then there is some volleyball/basketball thing to do. The list just goes ON! LOL oh, well. Then I remember my words to Matt, back in July. " I like being busy". Oh my GOSH I had NO idea what busy was then! LOL I got my wish. BUSY!

Tasha said...

Ok, just like everybody tells me - you have to make napping a priority! :) We appriciate you SO much! We would be lost without you!