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Monday, December 1, 2008

Here today, GONE tomorrow!

After much indecision and anguish, I have decided to cut my hair. Short. Very short. Too short, I'm afraid.

It has been long and curly for 12 of my 19 years...

A very tough decision I am ashamed to admit...


But, after all, it is just hair... that I do believe will grow back.

After a few scare tactics to my family and friends ( like dyeing it purple) they all say - "Grace, just cut it!"

I promise... I won't complain, not even a word!

( I hope)

(Muahaha, but I still might dye it purple yet! :P)

More pictures to come tomorrow when the deed is done!


Elisabel said...

Why does this kinda stuff always scare us ladies?? I think it's so much fun to play oneself up with new hairstyles and makeup. Girl you can totally pull of a short do! Have fun with it! Wish you the best! Blessing<><

Mrs. MK said...


just do it!